Impact of insecure work being researched

Posted By TEU on May 24, 2019 |

Massey School of Management doctoral researcher/assistant lecturer and TEU
U35 Branch representative Zoë Port is undertaking research on non-standard
workers and wellbeing.

Research is scarce in New Zealand on non-standard workers who hold more
than one job, but internationally, research suggests that those in the
education sector are often more likely to hold multiple jobs. According to

“I want to understand how these workers experience the psycho-social work
environment – that is, the way their work is organised and carried out – as
well as its social aspects. I’m also interested in how these workers
experience outcomes of their work environments – such as engagement,
burnout and health problems”.

Large numbers of TEU members are on casual, rolling fixed term or insecure
employment agreements, and many tertiary employers are seeking more
casualised jobs and less secure work in the sector.

Zoë hopes to present some of her preliminary findings at the ILO’s
Regulating for Decent Work conference in Geneva later this year. Have more
than one job and work in New Zealand? Help with Zoe’s research by taking
the survey here:

To learn more, or if you have any questions, contact Zoë at

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