TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura

TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura is a network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, takatāpui, fa’afafine, transgender and intersex members of the New Zealand Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi o Aotearoa. This web page is a resource for LGBTI members and anyone else who want to make our workplaces and communities places where everyone respects and celebrates diversity.

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TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura delegates at the recent biennial meeting held at Otago Polytechnic

TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura delegates at the 2015 biennial meeting held at Otago Polytechnic

Over the past few decades, a number of legal reforms have helped change attitudes and understanding towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people living in Aotearoa New Zealand. LGBTI people now enjoy the same rights and protections as any other citizen. But the changes in attitude are by no means universal, and many LGBTI people still experience homo/transphobia ranging from abusive or derogatory language to outright discrimination.

Unions have played an important role in combating prejudice, seeking equality and pushing for legal reforms. Many unions in this country have looked at their own organisations to make sure their structures promote equity and acknowledge diversity. We still have work to do, and unions and their members are well placed to help with this. TEU members have an especially important role as staff working in tertiary education. By challenging intolerance and prejudice in our workplaces, we can positively influence students and colleagues and ultimately help defeat it in our wider society and contribute to ongoing social transformation.

2017 Biennial national meeting for the Rainbow Te Kahukura network

On Friday 1 September TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura will meet in Wellington to discuss a range of workplace issues that can affect LGBTIQ workers. For more information, email jo.scott@teu.ac.nz

Useful links:

Rainbow Advisory Group

Our Rainbow Advisory Group meets between the biennial meetings to progress our workplan and advise the TEU on LGBTIQ issues.

Julie Douglas

I am a senior lecturer in the Management Department, Faculty of Business, AUT. I am currently a co convenor of the NZCTU [email protected] Council, and have been a member of the Council for five years. I was the Chair of the AUT [email protected] staff network. I teach in the areas of employment relations and sustainability and research around gender, employment relations and social justice. I want to be involved in the TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura network because I believe in unionism and I believe that the union movement can be doing better regarding our communities. I want the TEU to be a great role model for other unions in inclusiveness.

Warwick Anderson

Warwick Anderson is a lecturer in corporate finance at the University of Canterbury and co-president of the University of Canterbury branch of the TEU. He came out as a gay man at the age of 23 at the start of a successful teaching career and has been a gay rights activist off and on for nearly four decades, working on campus and in the local community. Warwick has travelled the world pursuing his passion for climbing. He and his life partner, Ian Laurenson, have been together for 23 years and in a civil union for 11 of them.

John Egan

Dr John P Egan is Director of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences’ Learning Technology Unit. He has been a queer rights activist for over 30 years in Canada, Australia, the US and New Zealand. His research interests include queer youth, HIV, injection drug users, indigenous health and adult and higher education.