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Articles for the Australian NTEU’s Advocate magazine:

The New Zealand Journal of Tertiary Education Policy

Flax rope or iron fetter?

Roger Openshaw and Elizabeth Rata examine how cultural essentialism threatens intellectual freedom in the New Zealand tertiary education sector. Roger Oppenshaw is at Massey University(, and Elizabeth Rata at the University of Auckland (
Link to ‘Flax rope or iron fetter’ here

Beyond the utilitarian university

Brian Easton sets out his views on the key characteristics of a modern university; something more than business enterprises responding to the vocational aspirations of paying students in a competitive market environment.
Link to ‘Beyond the utilitarian university’ here

Review – Parenting and professing: Balancing family work with an academic career

University of Canterbury’s Julia Rucklidge reviews this collection of personal essays written mostly by American women and edited by Rachel Bassett.
Link to ‘Review – Parenting and professing: Balancing family work with an academic career’ here