Te Kaupapa Whaioranga -The Blueprint

Posted By TEU on Jan 23, 2014 |

Te Kaupapa Whaioranga – the Blueprint for Tertiary Education is TEU’s line in the sand for a high quality democratic public tertiary education system that provides life-long learning opportunities to all New Zealanders.

It calls for us to focus on the public good that tertiary education provides, to restore over a billion dollars of funding cut from the sector in recent years and to replace current managerialism and private corporate models with democratic, representative governance.

Te Kaupapa Whaioranga outlines a series of steps New Zealand needs to take to rebuild its public universities, polytechnics and wānanga. During 2014 we released a series of supplementary papers to Te Kaupapa Whaioranga.

The Blueprint

Student well-being



Good governance

General Staff

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics

Workforce development

Adult and Community Education

Women in tertiary education

Academic freedom

Employment Relations

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