TEU National Elections 2018

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27 July 2018

Call for Nominations 2019-2020 Term



Nominations are called for the following positions for the 2019 – 2020 term:

President and Vice-Presidents:

Te Tumu Whakarae, national president

Te Tumu Arataki, Māori vice-president

Women’s vice-president

Industrial and professional vice-president


One university academic staff representative

One ITP academic staff representative

One university general/allied/professional staff representative

One ITP general/allied/professional staff representative

One member from any institution that is not a university or an ITP

National Women’s Committee, Te Kahurangi Māreikura:

Four academic staff representatives

Four general/allied/professional staff representatives

One Pasifika woman representative

One young woman representative

Industrial and Professional Committee

Two university academic representatives

Two ITP academic representatives

Two university general/allied/professional staff representatives

Two ITP general/allied/professional staff representatives

Two women’s representatives

One wānanga representative

One REAP/OTEP/PTE representative


These positions are for a term of two years.  The national president, Te Tumu Wakarae will take office on the third Monday of January 2019 and all other positions will take office on 1 January 2019.

All candidates, must be financial members of the union and belong to the relevant constituency, and must be nominated and seconded by financial members of the union who belong to the relevant constituency. This means that if it is a women’s position, for example, then the candidate, nominator and seconder must all identify as women, the same for all other constituencies, eg general staff, academic staff, Māori staff, and youth as well as the sector – university, ITP or otherwise.

Nominations must be made using the attached nomination form.  The same form must be signed by each of the nominee, the nominator and the seconder.  The form may then be scanned and emailed, faxed or physically posted.

Nominations must be accompanied by appropriate information provided by the candidate (maximum length 500 words) and must reach the national office by 5.00 pm on Friday 31 August 2018

Please note the following:

  • The national president position is subject to a time limit of two consecutive terms.
  • All other positions are subject to a time limit of three consecutive terms.
  • Sections F and G of the TEU rules set out the rules for nominations and elections.
  • My advice to you is to not submit your nomination at the last minute as it may have to be ruled invalid if there are errors in the nomination and there is not time enough to correct them.

Nanette Cormack


Meeting Requirements per year:

Te Tumu Ārataki:  up to 18 days (3 days Te Toi Ahurangi, 3 days Hui-ā-Motu, 6 days council, 3 days conference, up to 3 days executive)

Women’s vice-president and industrial and professional vice-president: up to 15 days (3 days national committee meetings, 6 days council, 3 days conference, up to 3 days executive)

Council: 8 days (or up to 11 days if on executive): 6 days council, 2 days conference)

Te Toi Ahurangi: 9 days (3 days Te Toi Ahurangi, 3 days Hui-ā-Motu, 3 days conference)

Industrial and Professional Committee: 5 days (3 days IPC, 2 days conference)

National Women’s Committee: 5 days (3 days NWC, 2 days conference)


Thanks to Nationaal Archief at Flickr for the photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/nationaalarchief/4986428068

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