Union U35


Update March 2015


 Sophia Wallingford

Victoria University, Student Liaison Officer

Why did you join TEU?
I have grown up around the idea of collectivism being better than individuality and I know that the union will always be there if I needed it. It also gives me strength to stand up in my work environment and just say no to the little bits of extra work that add up to having an unhealthy work/life balance.

Do you think unions are relevant to younger generations now coming into the workforce?
Yes I do think unions are relevant and needed part of an employment relationship, however I think that unions need to make the extra cost of belonging to a union seem like a worthwhile investment. Particularly for those people that are entering the workforce on a casual basis and as research assistants – maybe a different fee structure?
Also institution wide seminars/workshops where younger people are able to network with more experienced people maybe something like a mentoring system.

How do you think TEU could connect with younger workers
I think TEU could connect by using career expos at the university and in the wider community.

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to knit and play in our outdoors hiking is a favourite pastime along with playing the guitar and ukulele.

Thank you to Sophia for the interview – if you want to contribute to our page  or have any ideas on how to grow our young member numbers contact us at UnionU35@teu.ac.nz

Watch this space for more updates on our U35 members!

Conference November 2014


Lucy-Jane Walsh
University of Canterbury
Digital Content Analysts UC Seismic

When did you join the sector?
3 years ago.

What encouraged you to join the union?
A colleague who had worked in the institution for a while encouraged me to join the TEU at the University of Canterbury. My mother is a teacher and I have vivid memories of her going out on strike for pay parity and I have seen what unions can achieve when people act collectively.

What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy writing creatively, mostly science fiction short stories, this year hoping to complete a novel.

We would like to thank Lucy-Jane for being the very first member to participate in the TEU Youth Corner.